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LOKIA Group, founded by Dr. Guy Tremblay in 2022, is a property management company with expertise in senior care. Our loyal team, located in Québec City and Alma, has a unique vision for developing private residences for seniors.

Years of expertise in providing care

A Word from the Founder

A passion for helping people

In my years of practice, I felt that elderly people deserved to be treated with more care. With LOKIA, I wanted to address these gaps in the care we provide to seniors. From that starting point, we built a range of services that is both generous and tailored to their needs and reality.

The LOKIA story is a family story. We make our decisions as if one of our loved ones was concerned, putting their health at the forefront of our reflection process.

Dr. Guy Tremblay, ENT Physician

Mission & Vision

Our Values

What we care about


At LOKIA, respect goes beyond politeness and courtesy. It’s about staying open-minded and communicating respectfully to foster harmony.


Empathy is the ability to understand others while maintaining a kind and compassionate attitude. We ensure the well-being of our teams, in their day-to-day lives at LOKIA.

Positive Attitude

We encourage a positive attitude, a mindset and a way of being that creates a more stimulating daily life and more motivated members. We encourage people to take initiative and pursue personal development.


"Excellence" refers to an ongoing attempt to improve and go beyond expectations. Regardless of the department, we work cohesively to provide a pleasant life for our seniors.

Our History


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LOKIA Résidences is the largest division of the LOKIA Group. It has experienced incredible growth and, today, 14 residences in Quebec and New Brunswick operate under the dragonfly emblem. LOKIA works to ensure the well-being of more than 2,400 seniors in the community.

  • Outside management for private seniors' residences
  • Turnaround services for private seniors' residences
  • Consulting
  • Quality and certification audit
  • Support in the certification renewal process
  • Audit for asset maintenance
  • Asset management and maintenance

This division of the LOKIA Group provides an integrated maintenance and renovation service to its network of residences and Gestion Immeubles GT. LOKIA Construction builds thoughtful living spaces for residents with specific needs. The buildings are all adapted to their reality.

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