Commitment & respect

Our Dragonfly is Watching Over You

The LOKIA approach makes all the difference. We don’t work in real estate; we work for the real people.


More than buildings, these are living spaces tailored to our residents and their needs

At LOKIA, we understand that each resident is unique and has had their own experiences. Their story is important. It helps us better understand their reality and, as a result, offers them the most personalized services we can.


A unique care offer


Human values


An attentive ear

Our objective

Our care service is based on values that come from the heart.

Who is LOKIA

Unique care services

Since 2002, with the support of his team, LOKIA CEO Dr. Guy Tremblay has been striving, every day, to provide a caring living environment for seniors.

We are proud to be the only company offering such an advanced range of health care services for seniors, with integrity and innovation.

Human values

An attentive team, at your service. We are always ready to listen to you and your loved ones.

At LOKIA, you will find safe living spaces and soothing environments. Our staff is competent and committed to LOKIA’s deeply human values.


Always ready to listen

At LOKIA, our services are based on the day-to-day reality of seniors. From the dining-room menu to the common areas and health care services, everything has been carefully crafted to provide a pleasant and carefree life.

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